Once upon a childhood dream, not so many aeons ago, there was a little girl who could make belief her dreams into reality. All she had to do was think of doing it and all of her being was moved into doing it. She loved her magical gifts and she knew how it could help the world. But the world she lived in didn’t like magic nor dreams and especially not those of little girls. The world where she lived, was full of big and ugly monsters who didn’t believe they could be beautiful creatures.

A few months ago after I shared a few of my designs on shirts, I was asked ‘What’s the story behind your work?‘ A seemingly legitimate question was it not for the remark that followed; ‘I mean, I love your work and I want to buy it, but I need to know what the story behind it is to spend my money on it.

Obviously the remark is both paradoxical and a devaluing of my art. It also annoys me because it insinuates that something you find beautiful has no meaning until it has a good story behind it. Or because it lacks such a story it has no beauty? And what if the story behind doesn’t fit your ideal or perception of the world, does my work then lose its value?

Personally I think questionable remarks like these stem from a deeply ingrained ignorance on at least a few subjects:

  1. The Nature and Function of Art
  2. The Nature and Function of Storytelling
  3. The mechanisms of Marketing

Yet mostly; The unfamiliarity with the essence of your being.

The Story Behind

I am not some fancy clothing manufacturer or a fast car company that gets to spend thousands of euro’s on some silly slogans, mind manipulating nonsense for the sole purpose of attracting customers that long to belong to a hype. I don’t want to earn big money through psychological warfare.

I am a human being that perceives the world in a certain way and I express that in the only ways that make sense to me; Musically, Visually and Lyrically. My art is by definition of a spiritual nature and thus belongs to the oldest form of human expressionism. There is no fancy “Back in the days…” story or because it serves you for a “this-or-that“. No!

My art is a moment in time trying to show you a glimpse of infinity. It is emotions forever locked in isolation, separated from the blind & deaf. My art is an abstraction of the sacred, the soul. All in the hopes that one day you’ll awake to see the magic with your own eyes and remember what it was like to dream.

Until then; there will not be a story behind because I don’t want my art to be bought by those that are easily fooled by the mechanisms of marketing or by those that feel a need to devalue mine or thine for egocentric ideals.


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