Looking Forward

It has been a month since my first release of the Sessions singles onto all the big platforms like Spotify, iTunes and Google Play. Although I am nothing close to Beyoncé, I must say that I have goten a lot of streams with positive feedback from all over the world. It’s motivating me to create new work and try even harder to come up with an actual album. I bought some new VST’s (virtual instruments) to experiment with and try out a new sound. Not sure what the end result will be other then the goal of making you a new album.

So for now it’s going to be silent for a while as I draw myself back into my songwriting cave. Trying to keep you updated here on the website with stories about my development, inspirations and so on. And before I forget:

Thank you so much for listening to my music, looking at my visuals and reading these words. I appreciate it. Also a warm welcome to all new followers, subscribers and likers on my (social) media channels. You guys are the best! 


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