Everyday interactions that are deeply ingrained into the human psyche are what I call existential principles. They are present from the moment of conception until we experience death. They are what gives us drive and empowerment and bring us evolution on a personal as well as cultural level. Here is a quick list of the principles.


There is not a living thing in this universe that can escape the necessity of exploration. It is part of the fundamental need for preservation, understanding and growth. Being an Explorer of the World is being an explorer of Life. It is natural and an essential part of the human experience that continues throughout life. A society that does not value the exploration of all its matters, is in its core doomed to fail.


Experiments can show what has been explored into a new light. It gives us a profound understanding on life, our experiences and the will to see more then meets the eye. It is the artist and the scientist that seek beyond the mundane for meaning, understanding and comprehension of what is perceived as incomprehensible. Through this process of continues experimenting we arrive at the deeper value of an expression.


Humanity has always given meaning to their world through the expression of a collective sensation. Every culture communicates emotions, thoughts, feelings and knowledge in search of the sacred, the mundane and the self. It is through these expressions that we receive glimpses of other worlds as well as a hidden aspect of ourselves. The willful expressor, the expressed and the experiencing thereof, is part of the magic that leads to transcendence.



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