What makes a person be noticed as peculiar; Is it a group effort; Is it the deliberate acting out differently; Are there a set of activities one must undertake to be considered a peculiar person? Dictionaries love to give us straight answers that do not always find meaningful interpretation in real life and so, I have spent many years contemplating the meaning of what peculiar really is.

Ironically, the more I dwelled on the matter of peculiarity, observing it in the world with all its aspects; I have found it a peculiar experience that people consider the differences, those characteristics that set a person apart from another, which we praise as being unique, is also perceived in its negative form. Let’s face it. Peculiar is  mostly mentioned when we deliberately want another to have a negative sensation regarding its own or others’ unique personality or fetish. It is derived from our own lack of understanding and prejudice ideas, be they cultural or personal. After all that is what a peculiarity in most cases is;

A perceived difference in being.

Contemplating the Peculiar


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